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"Most professional golf instructors have a plan, a program and a pat way of doing things. Pam Wright offers a lot more, and something that is much more powerful and produces amazing results right away. It's wonderful to find a truly knowledgeable golf pro who....

First:  Listens - really listens to the student's needs.

Second: Can instantly diagnose what's working and what's not working.

Third: Can communicate so clearly how to make improvements and still keep what's working.

Fourth: Can totally customize the instruction to the student's specific needs.

Pam is the right choice if you're serious about improving your golf game. In just an hour she turned my frustrating, non-confident short game into a chipping machine. The results were instant and amazing.  A thrilled Student!"


- JOEL WELDON    Hall of Fame Speaker and Executive Speech Coach


"Pam is an instructor who has the gift of individual teaching. By that I mean she is not one of those instructors with a fixed script that she delivers to every student. I truly feel that my lessons have been an analysis of MY swing, MY ability and MY goals and objectives. Pam was excellent as well when I had an injury and was forced to modify my swing. She listens well to what issues I have then watches and evaluates my swing for a while and then "Voila!" she is able to boil her instruction down into a few very understandable pointers or swing thoughts. I highly recommend Pam for players of all levels. She is the best!!!"



"I've had a lot of lessons from a lot of different pros. Then I saw Pam and the first thing she said when she saw me swing was "does your back hurt?" She had no idea that I'd been unable to play for several months due to back pain. I took one lesson from Pam and my game was literally transformed. She told me two things - just two simple things - and that was it!! I had no idea my swing had caused my back injury. Now, I'm playing again, pain free, and best of all my scores are much lower. Thank you Pam!!"

- Heather Burgett,  Carefree, AZ

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