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Passionate About Inspiring Others


WHO I can help--

Golfers who want to improve their game without a swing overhaul


WHAT to emphasize -- 

To get lower scores, more distance


WHEN to talk --

and when to listen

WHERE to focus your time


HOW to get you playing your best


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I've helped 1000's of golfers do just that. I believe you and your golf game are unique, so let's keep it that way!  I want you to understand what it takes not only to hit great golf shots but also to enjoy the challenges of the game as well.  My 50 years of golfing experience, including 15 years on The LPGA Tour and 22 years coaching, have taught me A LOT!  And that doesn't include my legacy - both my parents were accomplished golfers.  My Mum won 4 Scottish Championships and played in 4 Curtis Cups.  My father was a Head Golf Professional in Scotland who played in 2 Open Championships.  In fact, my Dad was my primary Coach throughout my professional playing career.  What does all this mean for you? It's PRICELESS!

I can help you with all aspects of your game including emptying the brain drain of "swing thoughts"  Who needs that!  

WHY wait -- call me now!

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